Those days

those-daysWe all have those days, months, years. The ones where at every breath you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. In reality it is cause celebration.I have had those days, months and years. One way around it is perspective and apprection.
Shift focus and look at the positive things in your life. When it seems you can’t find them, look a little deeper. We teach our children that they can do anything, that they need to work harder. In sport we teach people they need to give it everything they have. It is the same in this area, we need to focus a little more on the positive. Look at the things right in front of you. ex. I have a great family, I have great friends. Start small, I have a roof over my head, I have food in my stomach.
With these difficult times there is a positive , they help us really appreciate and cherrish the great times.

Like in the movie the Crow, “It can’t rain all the time!”

If you are struggling today just take a breath and realize this too shall pass and smile.

Just live

flyEvery day you wake up is a chance to go in a completely different direction. Try Something new! Look at work from a different angle and don’t do what you did yesterday or the day before. Break your routine! Step outside your comfort zone and live. You might not get the chance tomorrow and that would just be sad!

The wall

runnerToday was a true test for my Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. I had to do 32km today and I learned so much about the brain, positive thinking, pushing past your limits and focus. Around the 7km mark I was comfortable in the run and the pace, enough that my mind was doing it’s wandering thing, just going over things in the previous week and upcoming events. Somewhere in there my mind wandered to my former spouse, my daughter, the still awaited court decision. The wheels of the run were quickly getting away from me and the mood was about to turn dark. I made a conscious decision that this wasn’t going to take over. That this is out of my control. That my relationship with my oldest is not in my control, the still awaited court decision is not in my hands, all I had control over was here and now. I have the ability to focus on what I have control over. I have the power to be positive or negative. I have the power to live in the moment and not dwell on what is behind me. The only thing that matters is the step I’m about to take. I have family and friends that count on my positive attitude, I count on my positive attitude. I am a role model for my children. Do they want to see me fail? Do I want them to see me fail? I am not going to fail! I have this run. I have this marathon and in time I will have Boston. I focused on all the things I have control over and quickly watched my pace improve, watched my mood improve. This carried me to the 30km mark. In Gage Park now and that feeling of the wall jumping in front of me, about to hit it, drinking from my new camel back and about ready to walk the last 2kms. This is the mind game, this is what I love about running, the great speeches we give ourselves, the “I can conquer”, the “Knute Rockne!” This is Micky lifting Rocky, I have one more great speech in me, I tell myself, “get up!” If this were the race would I permit myself to quit? I won’t quit in the race and I can’t quit now, only 2 more kilometers. You have this, put your foot in front of the other and go, 11 more minutes, you have this! I feel the goosebumps coming on, the inner strength, my pride, I know I can. These are the greatest moments, my inner soul cheering me on! Everything is better after my watch tells me I’ve done it, 32km, it is time to ready for the race, my body is almost there and more importantly, my mind is ready!


Losmalldailyts of people have commented on my always being positive, it’s not easy but it’s a choice. A choice I make consciously.

Today, I woke up down. Bad dreams last night! Overcast and rain and sitting on couch watching American Horror Story! Not motivated! This is the work part! This is my choice…. Find inspiration, to inspire others! Talk myself down from the ledge and in turn talk others down!
I started with telling myself I’ve got this! I am going to have an awesome day!!Turn off tv, throw on shorts and a shirt and drive to gym! Decide I am going to have the most amazing workout! Think of motivating my friends! Cheering others up and slowly my morning changes, I have found my purposes, my Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept meaning “a raison d’être!!!!

My day now? AWESOME!!!!!!

That is how I find my focus and how I stay positive!

Have an awesome day. Find your ikigai!!!


I’m not lost

Wowlost, this one touched me and I think this is a positive when one looks at it the right way, which is unique for all of us. My entire life my path has been different. The only times I have felt truly lost were the times I was walking what I thought was “the path!”

I’m sure you know what I mean, the spouse chosen to fit a preconcieved notion of what our spouse should be. Then, the children, the activities, the two cars, the apartment, the house, the bigger house, the acquisition of things and realizing that this isn’t your journey. This is followed by the unraveling of that path, stopping dead in your tracks! You looking around and not recognizing the surroundings, you’re lost!

Only then do you start to try and find your road, and myself I was so far lost that getting back onto my path required me take so many unfamiliar roads. I’ve only recently realized that I can’t judge my success by the ability of others to read a compass. I have to be happy with my journey and be happy that I am putting on so much mileage. When I was lost I wasn’t moving. I was spinning my wheels. For so many years after I was getting frustrated at the pace that everyone around me seemed to find their way. That isn’t me, that isn’t my path. I can’t just find a road and throw on the cruise-control. I yearn the feeling of driving, accelerating, slowing down, taking a tight turn and feeling the wind in my hair. I am most alive when I’m taking my journey offroad.

The point is, to find my happiness, find my path and really live, I have to accept that no two paths are the same and that I can’t measure mine by any comparison to those around me. I’m unique, we are all unique. It is ok to be where I am, that the passion, happiness and energy comes from just traveling with no agenda. For me, screw the map, I’m making my own way. And to those that are with me, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  This will continue to be fun.




I wanted to write, “Don’t worry be happy!” but that would just be salt in the wound. You are responsible for your own happiness! This can be one of the hardest lessons to learn. I should re-word that, one of the hardest mindsets to accept. When happiness is reliant on someone else, more often than not, we find ourselves unhappy. Just as a smile can alter the mood of others around you, someone else can be negative, and if your happiness can’t trump that feeling, you will find yourself drawn into the unhappy place. If you yourself are unhappy, it is up to you to find happiness. Assess where you are at and make the necessary changes. Disassociate with those that make you unhappy, modify the behaviors that present negativity to your life. Purpose! Do you have purpose? Do enjoy your job? If the answer is no, have you done anything to change that? Try and look at it differently, try and remember how you felt when you got the job? Have you looked at what give your life purpose and investigated the ability to work that into your life, career change? We are responsible for our own happiness and unless you invest in this you will not get this from others, this has to come from you.

You are responsible for your own happiness!



My progresslife has been all about change. There has never been this master plan and had there been, someone forgot to let me know.  If I had to pick some of the more difficult times in my life, those would have been when things stayed the same. There are big changes around the corner, and I have been apprehensive about this. That apprehension spawns anxiety and the inability to progress. I would liken it to a squirrel in the middle of the road trying to decide, south or north side. We know how that story ends! Make your decision, embrace it and realise that no journey is ever had while staying in the same place.

Know your worth.

If imageI had to pick a decisive moment in my life it would have been the epiphany I had as I finished the last page of The Alchemist. As a boy I went from shy and awkward to gaining confidence and progressed quickly to cocky! Cocky is not strong or confident! It’s an act. A coping mechanism. Armour! Along the transition towards adulthood I lost focus on me! My dealings with everyday life were with a lacking in the self worth department. All decisions made without a strong self worth are bad decisions. With time and work I discovered true self worth, and with that discovery come a sweet life. I removed the blinders that both protected me and inhibited me from soaring!

We are all worthy without exception! Forgive your decisions made lacking self worth. Then, know your self worth and make your decisions accordingly.


Here and Now

memoryGreat food for thought on this Friday. With these “Facebook Memories” we are reminded daily of our past! It can be both happy and sad but the take away from that is to live in the present and embrace today! Happy Friday my friends!!!!!

Share your lottery win with others.

writeYourStoryUploadThe best part of laying in my bed in the morning, seconds before my eyes open, when my brain is clearing the cobwebs, is that moment when I realize I get another day. After reading The Happiness Equation I now refer to this moment as my lottery win. I got another day on this planet. In all time, 107,602,707,791 people have been on the planet. Currently there are around 7.5 billion inhabitants, so given how many have been on it since the bang compared to how few are on it at this given moment we have indeed won the lottery for being alive today.


Now that you have absorbed the wonderfulness of that, realize that today is entirely up to you. Before you open your eyes to climb out of bed, know that you are in control of your day. A great quote I live by is that I can’t control other people, I can only control my reaction. React positively! Ferris had his day planned before getting out of bed, and Cameron had an idea of how his was going to go, also before getting out of bed. Ferris was writing the script to his day, taking chances and living in the moment. He changed the lives of everyone around him. His positive attitude won over the negativity of his peers. Today, go ahead, influence others with a smile. Start with you, get out of bed, make your way to the bathroom, look in the mirror and smile. Take a moment to fall in love with the reflection. Be your own greatest cheerleader! Your relationship with yourself is just like any other relationship, work at it and appreciate it. When you step out that door, treat every interaction with someone as your chance to make their day better for having  been in contact with you. Go share your lottery win with others and have fun writing your story.