I’m not lost

Wowlost, this one touched me and I think this is a positive when one looks at it the right way, which is unique for all of us. My entire life my path has been different. The only times I have felt truly lost were the times I was walking what I thought was “the path!”

I’m sure you know what I mean, the spouse chosen to fit a preconcieved notion of what our spouse should be. Then, the children, the activities, the two cars, the apartment, the house, the bigger house, the acquisition of things and realizing that this isn’t your journey. This is followed by the unraveling of that path, stopping dead in your tracks! You looking around and not recognizing the surroundings, you’re lost!

Only then do you start to try and find your road, and myself I was so far lost that getting back onto my path required me take so many unfamiliar roads. I’ve only recently realized that I can’t judge my success by the ability of others to read a compass. I have to be happy with my journey and be happy that I am putting on so much mileage. When I was lost I wasn’t moving. I was spinning my wheels. For so many years after I was getting frustrated at the pace that everyone around me seemed to find their way. That isn’t me, that isn’t my path. I can’t just find a road and throw on the cruise-control. I yearn the feeling of driving, accelerating, slowing down, taking a tight turn and feeling the wind in my hair. I am most alive when I’m taking my journey offroad.

The point is, to find my happiness, find my path and really live, I have to accept that no two paths are the same and that I can’t measure mine by any comparison to those around me. I’m unique, we are all unique. It is ok to be where I am, that the passion, happiness and energy comes from just traveling with no agenda. For me, screw the map, I’m making my own way. And to those that are with me, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  This will continue to be fun.


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