I wanted to write, “Don’t worry be happy!” but that would just be salt in the wound. You are responsible for your own happiness! This can be one of the hardest lessons to learn. I should re-word that, one of the hardest mindsets to accept. When happiness is reliant on someone else, more often than not, we find ourselves unhappy. Just as a smile can alter the mood of others around you, someone else can be negative, and if your happiness can’t trump that feeling, you will find yourself drawn into the unhappy place. If you yourself are unhappy, it is up to you to find happiness. Assess where you are at and make the necessary changes. Disassociate with those that make you unhappy, modify the behaviors that present negativity to your life. Purpose! Do you have purpose? Do enjoy your job? If the answer is no, have you done anything to change that? Try and look at it differently, try and remember how you felt when you got the job? Have you looked at what give your life purpose and investigated the ability to work that into your life, career change? We are responsible for our own happiness and unless you invest in this you will not get this from others, this has to come from you.

You are responsible for your own happiness!


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