Share your lottery win with others.

writeYourStoryUploadThe best part of laying in my bed in the morning, seconds before my eyes open, when my brain is clearing the cobwebs, is that moment when I realize I get another day. After reading The Happiness Equation I now refer to this moment as my lottery win. I got another day on this planet. In all time, 107,602,707,791 people have been on the planet. Currently there are around 7.5 billion inhabitants, so given how many have been on it since the bang compared to how few are on it at this given moment we have indeed won the lottery for being alive today.


Now that you have absorbed the wonderfulness of that, realize that today is entirely up to you. Before you open your eyes to climb out of bed, know that you are in control of your day. A great quote I live by is that I can’t control other people, I can only control my reaction. React positively! Ferris had his day planned before getting out of bed, and Cameron had an idea of how his was going to go, also before getting out of bed. Ferris was writing the script to his day, taking chances and living in the moment. He changed the lives of everyone around him. His positive attitude won over the negativity of his peers. Today, go ahead, influence others with a smile. Start with you, get out of bed, make your way to the bathroom, look in the mirror and smile. Take a moment to fall in love with the reflection. Be your own greatest cheerleader! Your relationship with yourself is just like any other relationship, work at it and appreciate it. When you step out that door, treat every interaction with someone as your chance to make their day better for having  been in contact with you. Go share your lottery win with others and have fun writing your story.


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